Local Con-fare

On May 6th I had the pleasure to be part of a nerdfest in my local community. Hosted by the Owen Sound and North Grey Union Public Library. The Owen Sound Mini Comic Convention. Hosted by the youth services.

In some ways it was superior to my excursions to Toronto’s Fan Expo. It is the local community after all. Intimate and silly. Less serious, more fun. It was a blast watching one of the librarians MC the cosplay contest and mispronounce names, openly admit to not knowing a character or game or show, and was consistently acting out of character for her cosplay. It was a gathering of like minded nerds, where everyone, regardless of age, were welcomed. Everyone geeked out. There were Villagers from Animal Crossing, My Little Ponies, Draco Malfoys, and many more. All from an age of two years to 30+.

The Owen Sound Mini Convention was in its 5th year, and I was lucky to be part of the first group welcomed to their Artist Alley. It was so much fun watching people walk by in costumes and cosplay, it was even more fun having local nerds enjoy my artwork. It was a big boost to my confidence. I actually went home and logged on to DeviantArt for the first time in ~ages~.

I have always been impressed with the effort the volunteers but into Owen Sound’s little convention.


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