Four Guys In A Car

Final Fantasy XV. I didn’t know what to expect from this title.

I am a huge Final Fantasy fan girl. I played the series, and some non-main title games since 1997, when FFVII was released. I knew I was going to get it. Even after feeling like the XIII titles burned me as a fan of the company and series. After watching the film Kingsglaive I was stoked to play the game. Now two months after starting, I feel rather ambivalent towards it.

I don’t hate it. I also don’t love it. It remains in a murky “meh” area.

The blasted “x” to play controls. The X button not only makes you jump, but it is also the interaction button. To ride a chocoholic, climb a ladder, or talk to someone you hit x. Far too often I stand beside what I am trying to do and continue to jump around it, until I fact he exact right way for the prompt to *finally* appear. This became utterly ridiculous in the Crestholm Channels (right by the Imperial Outpost at Insomnia.) So many ladders to climb and interactions with ledges. Ugh.

The driving is a unique way of traveling around in a Final Fantasy game. The car itself breaks up the game in a rather boring way though. Even if you “fast travel,” the loading is rather ridiculous. If you want to load up on AP points driving is the easiest (although time consuming) way to do it. I have left the game running for 5-10 minutes just to travel from one quest to another. For the kids it’s a running joke that the game “plays itself” while I am in the car.

The summoning system started out really strong, where Noctis must prove his worth to each “eidolon.” But that is where the awesome part ends. The fight with Titan was a very strong note to start on the collection of summons, but after acquiring Ramah I have noticed a serious lack of Titan. Each summon has their own factors in what leads Noctis to the ability to summon them. In my 45 hr game I have only had Ramah appear three (3) times at random intervals, and only once during a major fight where I needed the help. The other two times was overkill. I totally needed Ramah to kill those Iron Giants… when I’m at lvl60. Thanks.

Easily the largest problem in XV is the world building. The absolutely abysmal story. Or rather lack there of. There is only ten minute scene of the destruction of Insomnia, with no real explanation of what was happening other than the Empire stole the crystal. Why are the imperials bad? What was so special about the crystal? Chapter 7 and I’m still trying to figure out when the Kingsglaive story is going to be relevant or mentioned.

Sean Bean (not really him in the game) is in the game for a small two minute scene, then as per his career, kicks the bucket. Not to be mentioned again.

The Oracle is clearly important, and so is Luna’s relationship with Noctis. But how?

Even with all of the faults XV has, I find myself playing this game a lot. The gameplay makes up for most of the short comings

I expected so much more from Square Enix. But after them trying to shove a crappy XIII series into our hands, I braced myself for something much worse.

Final Fantasy XV is a game for fans and newcomers to collectively plays and ask…”What is going on?”


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