Heavensward Aether Current Locations (July 2016)

With the latest patch in FFXIV Heavensward, Square Enix has adjusted the locations of the Aether Currents needed to complete the ability to fly certain mounts on each “Flight Map” in Heavensward Locations. So far I have been unable to locate a site site that lists the updated locations.

This page will update as I complete area’s with my current character (Tinuviel on Hyperion.)


Aether_current_icon1 Coerthas Western Highlands

Unfortunately I cannot attest to the validity of these locations, as it was during the end of my location hunts that I realized the guides available were quite off from what I had. If you find that these locations are in error please let me know.

Found on Map: (I do not have all 10 because I didn’t keep track of the locations until most of the way through)

  1. X15 Y22 — The Convictory (off to the side, behind the camp)
  2. X20 Y 21 — North of The Watcher
  3. X30 Y33 — North of the Falcons Nest (right in the middle just as you leave)
  4. X35 Y27 — The Warrens (lowest edge along the bottom)

Quest Rewards:



The Dravanian Forlands

This time I started to work out where the locations are when I find them.

Found On Map:

  1. X30 Y36 — Loth Ast Gnath (NE of the ‘H’)
  2. X17 Y 29 — The Danneroad (South of Anyx Trine)
  3. X14 Y27 — South of Anyx Trine hidden in a ruin
  4. X13 Y13 — Climb to the top of Anyx Trine and head North to a small bridge (it is on a hill)
  5. X26 Y30 — SW of Tailfeather on a small cliff ledge
  6. X24 Y19 — Loth As Vast (east end)
  7. X32 Y23 — Tailfeather by the mill
  8. X31 Y16 — Middle of the riverbed
  9. X39 Y21 — behind Hunter’s Camp in the Chocobo Forrest
  10. X37 Y28 — Just as you enter the area from Coertha’s Western Highlands (on top of curved tree bridge)

Quest Rewards:



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