The PC Master Race


I am a console gamer. A loyal Sony fanbaby. Minus the love of Nathan Drake. (Seriously never played.)

What is the PC Master Race? The term “PC Master Race” was coined by Yahtzee from the Escapist in his 2008 video about The Witcher. It is a jab at the elitism within gaming culture and a jab at the few who ruin everything by being Nazi’s.

It was intended to be ironic, to illustrate what I perceived at the time to be an elitist attitude among a certain kind of PC gamer. People who invest in expensive gaming PCs and continually spend money to make sure the tech in their brightly-lit tower cases is up to date. Who actually prefer games that are temperamental to get running and that have complicated keyboard interfaces, just because it discourages new or ‘casual’ players who will in some way taint the entire community with their presence. I meant it as a dig.

It is a tongue and cheek jab at the prevalent elitism in gaming. It has been embraced whole heartily by gamers, either as a label to be proud of or a joke to sling at people. The label “dirty console peasants” spread equally across the internet as the meme increased in popularity. The few who take PC gaming so seriously, to the point where this isn’t a joke, are usually laughed at online or told to crawl back under their bridge.

This is an age old debate the second you bring up making a PC game on a console. How dare games be ported over. That somehow a game becomes lesser by being available on a console. Guild Wars 2 is almost made for a controller, but the reasons behind its lack of console porting is more so due to corporate policies for patches in the PSN and on XBox Live than any hardware issues. Sony has quite the reputation for being dinks about online games and patches. They can be quite the overlords apparently.

“Don’t they run on Windows or something?”
“The thing is.. *sigh*… yeah..”

Elitism is the attitude or behavior of a person who regards themselves as belonging to a better class compared to others. They are the upper echelon of gamer culture in their eyes. In reality they are quite the running joke. Most of the time people ignore the comments of “why would you put it on a console” because, clearly since people are asking, there is a demand for it, no matter how small. For instance Hearthstone is rumoured to be coming to consoles according to Blizzard, much to the dismay of people who think it “doesn’t need to be.”

Given how much computer sales have slumped quite exponentially in the last decade due to the increases in tablet and smartphone use it is a wonder that the computer gaming market hasn’t seen a major decrease in sales or population.

Perhaps a game is being ported in order to have a larger player base? Few games that are available on a console are actually open to every one. Most games have PSN only servers, XBox only servers, or PC only servers. Few throw all gamers onto the same servers. Final Fantasy XI and XIV is few of the only games I can think of that supports cross platform playability. Overwatch dropped cross platform because of the unfair advantage a keyboard and mouse has to a controller. Which I will admit, PC gamers tend to have faster connectivity to game controls. Have you seen those ESports? Insane.

There is always questions of World of Warcraft or other PC only games being ported onto a console. The Witcher for example was originally a PC only game, now, in it’s third installment, is a popular console title.

Are Personal Computers really inherently better? Not always. Nor is it assumed that a game will run better on PC. Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 for example, was a horrible game on the PC, even for top of the line models, you had to have specs that were ridiculous at the time for 1.0 to run properly. Heaven forbid you ran into large groups. Which was one of the major downfalls of 1.0. The game just didn’t run well.

One of the things PCs always do better, is that you can control far more graphics use than on a console. For FFXI you could tone down everything from the shadows to how smooth everything was. I don’t have much of that on a console unfortunately. I’m lucky if I can turn off shadows.

Although there are some amazeballs mods for Skyrim or Dragon Age on the PC, you still need a top of the line gamer computer to run many adequately. As much as modifications can make a game look better, not every PC gamer is going to have the ability to play top of the line games. Computers need to be upgraded quite a bit in order to be able to play current titles.

Consoles are not perfect either. I have had Mass Effect kill one PS3 due to playing the series too much (which was a backwards compatible fat one) and really put the second through the ringer. I kind of gave up on Mass Effect because of this. The series isn’t worth a new PS3. Again.

League of Legends isn’t on a console and I don’t feel like I am missing out on something. I have tried to play it, but I am not a big fan of dungeon crawlers, and hardcore players tend to turn me off of gaming. People who take it too seriously, in any medium tend to ruin it. Even when playing FFXIV. I am not “hardcore.” I play for the enjoyment, so I end up not doing much in the way of endgame mechanics. I would rather fart around and do my own thing than have to worry about pissy “Overlords” trying to tell me how to play the game right.

PC gaming is not terrible, there are some games I do play on a computer, but I mostly play on a console. I prefer a controller to a mouse that sticks to the mouse pad.

There is always going to be a fight over who is a real gamer in the community. Someone invariably has the idea that only what they play is “real gaming.”

Look at those stupid Candy Crush games. Pfft

Dirty Peasant


Let’s stop calling ourselves the “PC Master Race” –

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