Standard Nerd.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, or more apt, the local comic “Dugout” in 1994 that was only a few blocks away, I learned I was a nerd. I have had a love of comics since I was little, and more so a love of fantasy.

The Higher the better.

My father read Shannara to me as a bed time story. I love big books.

I love fantasy and science fiction in all forms.

I cried when I got my PSX for Christmas in 1997.

I haven’t looked back.

I am also a girl. With boobies and a vagina come great responsibility in the nerd world. One that every girl at a convention can attest to. The dreaded “you are not really a nerd, I bet you don’t even know “x.” The random questions that fans, unless they are the hardcore variety even bothers to care about. I don’t give two shits what planet Chewbacca is from. (It’s Kashyyyk.)

I am a faithful Playstation fan, even though we also own a Wii and an XBox. I play the shit out of Dragon Age, and pretty much anything made by Bioware. (I miss you Gaider) *tear*

My favourite books are the Great Gatsby, Lord of the Rings, and the Song of Ice and Fire series. (Did you know GRRM wrote a kids book? I recommend it for the spawn and you.)

I also have an obscene memory when it comes to actors, movies and movie quotes. Although these days with the mommy brain, it has devolved into “that dude with the eyebrows doing that thing.”

This blog is my rants and thoughts of being a geek in a society that now considers it cool.

Where the Big Bang Theory is one of the highest grossing sitcoms, and muggles actually get the jokes. (Usually the nerds are the joke, but more on that later.)

Potterheads are everywhere now that all of those 11 year olds grew up, and still waiting for their letter.

Deadpool *FINALLY* got a proper film, AND is the highest grossing rated “R” film.

Nerd culture is in vogue these days, but only so far. Go off the beaten path and you fall back into “omg you are such a nerd” territory.

And I say “fuck that.” Like what you like, and don’t let the assholes determine what you like. Be your fabulous nerdy self. Show off that full Pokedex of collected cards, that wall of POP figures, the Limited Edition games, and those drool worthy Kai Final Fantasy Figures.


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